Leonidas Chatzichristos started learning the dental technician’s profession at the age of fourteen. In those days, it was ordinary for someone to work in dentistries and dental technical laboratories. One of these dentistries was that of Manolakis Dimitriou, next to whom, Leonidas Chatzichristos, has been an apprentice for two years. After that, he has worked in Georgiadi George’s dental technician laboratory, in the city of Thessaloniki, which was in the same building as Moyzenidis Stylianos’ dentistry. He was there for eighteen months. Later he returned to Veria, in a laboratory which was in the same building as Athanasiadis Ilias' dentistry. He has been working there for twelve months, continuously learning the dental technician profession. At the age of nineteen he accepted a proposal from Antonios Nikolaou’s laboratory, in which he worked till 1969. That year, he decided to open his own dental technician laboratory, having acquired the required know-how and experience. He has maintained his laboratory with reliability and professionalism, always having with him an abundance of capable employees and using the latest equipment in the dentistry field. He has worked in the laboratory till his retirement in 2005. Since then, it has been passed down to his son Eustratios Chatzichristos who is now in charge of the lab.