Frequently Asked Questions


Who should I go to when I need to wear an artificial denture?

You should go to your dentist. There are some doctors who have contracts with EOPY (Greek Health Insurance Fund) you can go to.


How can I take care of my artificial denture on my own?

- By washing it with a toothbrush after each meal. Furthermore, there are some special tablets at the pharmacies.


How much time is required for the construction of an artificial denture?

-  It takes about a week from the moment you will visit your dentist.


What sort of materials are used for the construction of a bridge?

Porcelain, acrylic, photo-curing materials, acrylic, resins and zirconia are usually used with the proportional metal (crco).

How many types of metals exist?

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Are the materials that are used hypoallergenic? 

- Most of the materials are certified and tested in order not to cause any allergies.


What can I do if my teeth grind during my sleep?

- Specialized splints are constructed that are worn during the night to prevent the teeth from grinding.


My front tooth has been broken. Will an artificial tooth differ from a natural one?

The artificial tooth copies the natural tooth not only the shape but the colour as well.


If I have lost the majority of my teeth, do I need to remove the rest in order to wear an artificial denture or are there alternative solutions?

- It is not necessary to do that. There is also the possibility of manufacturing a partial denture, or the solution of putting an implant.


Can I chew normally with my artificial teeth?

 - Special attention is required just the same as with our natural teeth.

What should I do in case my artificial denture does not fit well in my mouth after a long time?

 - You should visit your dentist.